Apr 15


I hate waiting.

When I’m waiting for something–especially when I’ve been waiting for a long time–it feels like I’ve been pushed aside or neglected. It feels like people have forgotten about me. But then when something I’ve waited for a long time has come to fruition, I feel guilty about doubting. Such is my life.

Writing is a waiting game, and I hate that. I’ve sent off a submission today. They gave me a deadline on when they’ll get back to me. I like those sorts of deadlines. They give me structure so I don’t feel like I’ve been left in limbo.

I need to learn how to wait properly–to be patient.

Sorry for my little wait rant. Sometimes we just have to share our struggles. Seasons of waiting are hard, but they will pass. They will pass.

So I’ll wait even though I hate it.

-M.R. Anglin

Mar 25

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday, all!

In terms of writing, this day in the Christian faith is like the climax of a really good book. The hero on whom we all put our hope is dead and gone. All is lost. Evil seems to have triumphed. But we see that the book still has quite a few chapters left, so we wait on pins and needles, reading on to see if hope can still rise out of the depths. What will happen to our hero’s companions? What about all the promises the book has given us up to this point? Have we read this far in vain? The chapter has ended on a cliff-hanger, but still the book goes on . . .

Mar 18


By now you’ve probably heard about the anime series, Erased, but in case you haven’t you can watch the trailer here:

Without giving away spoilers, the show is about a character, Satoru, who has a strange affliction called “revival.” He randomly returns to the past between 1-5 minutes with the task of figuring out and fixing whatever is wrong. Well, one day he gets framed for murder, and the key to clearing his name, saving the victim, and finding the true culprit lies with a kidnapping case 18 years in the past.

What a ride! Let me tell you, this is a great example of some stellar writing. I haven’t yet finished watching the series–I have one more episode to watch–but what I’ve seen so far is some of the best writing I have ever seen. Nothing is wasted. It kept me guessing the entire time.

When the culprit is finally revealed, I was shocked. I felt as betrayed as Satoru did. And yet looking back I could see it coming. Everything that has been presented in the previous episodes, from the smallest details to the biggest revelation, is consistent with this outcome. That is one mark of good writing. To put all the clues the reader needs to solve the mystery yet leave them in the dark is something I don’t think I can accomplish. But this show makes me want to try.

Well done, Erased. Well done.

-M.R. Anglin

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