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May 19

Entrelac Lapghan

TADAH!                               Here is the lapghan I crocheted this week. I love it; I wish I could keep it. But it was a housewarming gift, so . . . Anyhow. I really love that Premier Sweet Roll yarn. My one complaint …

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May 12

Entrelac and other News

Last week was a tough one for me. I didn’t even realize how tough until I came to the weekend so tired and drained and . . . quite frankly not very nice. The effects bled into earlier this week. Monday I had THE worst headache in the world! But once I refocused my mind …

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Apr 21

Art Supply Showcase

So I’ve been carrying my art supplies in a zip top bag that’s so worn with holes that my pens slip through sometimes. Since my friend lent me her sewing machine, I finally got off my butt and made a pencil case. Here it is: It was pretty easy too. I used the pattern found …

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Feb 03

More Gloves

So I got around to crocheting up the fingerless gloves for my niece and nephew—even though Winter is a long-gone afterthought here in Florida (in January). It’s getting hot again, but they’re still wearing the gloves. I used more of pretty yarns I got for Christmas. Love them.  My nephew’s was made with a blue …

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Jan 27

Skirt from Dress

So I have this gorgeous dress that I love. Beautiful colors, gorgeous pattern. Adorable halter-top design. Here it is:     I love the dress, but the front comes down waaaaay too low. Since I’m . . . uh . . . well-endowed . . . I end up showing everything when I wear it. …

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