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Apr 07

Today is the Day

Today Celebrity Dish launches! You can find it here: Also, After one week of uploading my Graphic Novel, I am so grateful for the reception it received. Thank you all. -:heart: M.R. Anglin

Mar 24

Book Cover Reveal

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Well, it’s that time. Time for book cover reveals! This is the cover for the 6th story in the Silver Foxes series: Celebrity Dish. Here it comes! It may look different from the others because I did the art myself this time. Think it’s rather nice. Book is coming April 7, 2017! BTW: Still working …

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Mar 10

GN Update

Well, It’s happening. I’ve started on the Silver Foxes Graphic Novel. I’m going through one chapter at a time–revising, making a script, and drawing, inking, and toning. I’m up to penciling page 5. The first chapter will be 11 pages . . . so it’s going to be a looong ride. The old Chapter 1 …

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