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Apr 28

An Old Wound Rears its Head . . .

A short time ago I asked the people on my writing blog to let me know what they wanted me to write about. (I was running out of ideas). And what should they ask, but how to write humor and how to put emotion into your writing? *sigh* I have no idea about how to …

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Feb 24

A Test of Obedience

A few weeks ago I posted on “Obedience in All Things.” I attempted to be real and talk about an area where I had failed. Well, I am making progress on doing those three things I referred to—the three things that I had neglected for so long. But now here comes the test of that …

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Feb 17

Jessica!!–New Book Art.

So I’m in the middle of revising the next book in my Silver Foxes series: Celebrity Dish. It features pop singer, Jessica! I’ve started drawing again and so I came up with this:   (The blue of her tail feathers are a bit off, so I’ll have to adjust the colors) Jessica is a bird of indeterminate …

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Apr 15


I hate waiting. When I’m waiting for something–especially when I’ve been waiting for a long time–it feels like I’ve been pushed aside or neglected. It feels like people have forgotten about me. But then when something I’ve waited for a long time has come to fruition, I feel guilty about doubting. Such is my life. …

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Mar 18


By now you’ve probably heard about the anime series, Erased, but in case you haven’t you can watch the trailer here: Without giving away spoilers, the show is about a character, Satoru, who has a strange affliction called “revival.” He randomly returns to the past between 1-5 minutes with the task of figuring out and …

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