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May 26

Up, Up, and Away!

So I’m going out of town today. I’m going to visit my grandma who’s turning 105 this year. 105! Can you imagine? Whoo! So that’s what I’m up to this weekend. Maybe I’ll come back with pictures, but I’m not a big picture taking person. I’ll try to discipline myself. -:heart: M.R. Anglin

Apr 21

Art Supply Showcase

So I’ve been carrying my art supplies in a zip top bag that’s so worn with holes that my pens slip through sometimes. Since my friend lent me her sewing machine, I finally got off my butt and made a pencil case. Here it is: It was pretty easy too. I used the pattern found …

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Apr 15

Happy Good Friday!

That says it all–even if it’s a wee bit late. Today is the day we commemorate what Jesus did for us on the cross. And I am so grateful for it. Okay, so maybe the title doesn’t say it all. Have a good Easter when it comes. But we wouldn’t have Easter without Good Friday. …

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Mar 10

GN Update

Well, It’s happening. I’ve started on the Silver Foxes Graphic Novel. I’m going through one chapter at a time–revising, making a script, and drawing, inking, and toning. I’m up to penciling page 5. The first chapter will be 11 pages . . . so it’s going to be a looong ride. The old Chapter 1 …

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Feb 24

A Test of Obedience

A few weeks ago I posted on “Obedience in All Things.” I attempted to be real and talk about an area where I had failed. Well, I am making progress on doing those three things I referred to—the three things that I had neglected for so long. But now here comes the test of that …

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