About My Professional Experience

Writing for me is both a passion and a calling. It is the way I can best express myself and my beliefs. My personal philosophy is to glorify God in every writing endeavor I undertake.
I graduated cum laude from Florida International University and received a BA in English. My emphasis was on creative writing, but I do find that the critical analysis of text that I learned in college is helping me immensely in my own writing. Who knew picking apart poems and text and finding the subtext in a work would affect my writing like it is? I am more aware of what different words, phrases, and actions mean to my reader and am better able to convey emotions and meaning.
Though I knew by my second semester that I wanted to be a writer, my work experience has been varied. I have worked as a greeter, a cashier, a teacher’s assistant, an administrative assistant for a marketing company, and a freelance writer. I do not regret the various experiences I have had, though, because they taught me different things about myself and opened up a treasure trove of possible story ideas.
I have obtained various computer skills in my time on earth, such as experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, Works, Powerpoint, Peachtree Accounting Software, Media Shout, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9, Word Press, and ProPresenter. I am also a fast learner and can pick up programs and software easily.
Throughout my freelance writing career, I have written mostly articles for the online market. Though I am no longer writing for freelance, samples of my writing are available below.
My Middle Grade Christian fiction novel Lucas, Guardian of Truth, is available now. Find out more by visiting the “my books” section of this website.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at michiewriter@yahoo.com.
Thank you for your time,
M.R. Anglin
Pembroke Pines, FL


*date subject to change

Online Writing Samples


The links below are a few samples of my writing style. As you will see, I can write on various topics successfully.

Each link opens a new window.

Non-fiction Samples


Creation: Light

What is a title tag?

What is a tag?

What are the symptoms of Listeria?

What are Plasma Cells?

What is Cockayne Syndrome?

What is Sesame Oil?

How do I Paint Brick?

What is Geothermal Water?

How do I plant an Orange Tree?


Screenwriting Samples


These are samples of some short films I helped to write. The links below send you to youtube.com

The Good Samaritan



Fiction Samples

The Price of Prestige

Corporate Hospitality (written from the point of view of a villian)

Mimzy and the Librarian

Viva la Pantz

Viva la Pantz 2

Viva la Pantz 3

Viva la Pantz 4