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Apr 28

An Old Wound Rears its Head . . .

A short time ago I asked the people on my writing blog to let me know what they wanted me to write about. (I was running out of ideas). And what should they ask, but how to write humor and how to put emotion into your writing? *sigh* I have no idea about how to …

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Jan 10

A Writer’s Day in Twitter Format

The following is a semiautobiographical story about the life of a writer. Please pay attention to the times as they are part of the joke. DISCLAIMER: As of the day of this being written, none of the links are functional. That could change in the future, and I cannot and will not guarantee where you …

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Aug 24

Author Q & A Part 3

Hey kids! A little later than usual, but here it is. We’re here with the last installment of our author Q&A. You know our authors, so let’s get started. 9. What would you say is the key(or keys) to creating an interesting character of depth that truly connects with the audience? Kat: Really getting into …

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Mar 02

Book Trailers

Been thinking about book trailers this week. For those who don’t know, a book trailer is like a movie trailer–an advertisement that uses clips of the movie for the purpose of telling you about the movie and making you want to go see it. Which brings about an interesting question: how can you make a …

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Feb 24

Favorite Books

My first college writing instructor drilled the following into my head: to become a good writer, you must become a good reader. And he wasn’t the only one. I remember another professor later in my college years who did not excuse his students for not reading because they didn’t have money for books. “You have …

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