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Apr 28

An Old Wound Rears its Head . . .

A short time ago I asked the people on my writing blog to let me know what they wanted me to write about. (I was running out of ideas). And what should they ask, but how to write humor and how to put emotion into your writing? *sigh* I have no idea about how to …

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Sep 14

Why Horror is Horrifying

Hey, all! Before I start on this, let me disclaim it. This is my opinion. If you don’t agree, please comment and say so. Just be respectful . . . not to say this is a controversial topic. I just think that there are different opinions out there, and I want to hear them–especially since …

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Aug 24

Author Q & A Part 3

Hey kids! A little later than usual, but here it is. We’re here with the last installment of our author Q&A. You know our authors, so let’s get started. 9. What would you say is the key(or keys) to creating an interesting character of depth that truly connects with the audience? Kat: Really getting into …

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Aug 17

Author Q&A Part 2

Hello again, boys and girls. Here is part 2 of the author Q&A. You already know the authors (if you don’t or you want to see part 1 check out last week’s post), so on we go. 4. When you write a story, do you write with the intention of getting published, or simply write …

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Jul 18

Ask An Author

Hey, y’all. I’ve got some authors willing to get together and answer your questions on writing, the writing process, and publishing. So, please ask some questions. For the remainder of this month, please use the comment box to ask any question you want to ask an author. So, what do you want to know?

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